Five Minutes a Day to a Clean Bathroom

Amy Chan

Let’s face it. Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom. Even if you aim to clean it once a week, it can still feel like a mess. Your toddler frequently “drips” on the toilet seat. Your bathroom counter is cluttered with products and caked with makeup. Your shower is a natural green house for mold and who knows what else. It can be a gross place. But the bathroom is the place you’re supposed to get clean. You’ll never feel fresh when you’re showering in a place that’s not even clean. So how can you keep the bathroom clean all week long? The easiest way is to clean it in short bursts of concentration on problem areas, for just five minutes at a time all throughout the week.

Start by tackling the surfaces. Everything should be where it belongs. Stray bobby pins, individual makeup, towels, dirty clothes, magazines, and anything else that gets used in the bathroom should be in its place. Magazines should be in a rack, makeup should be in a cosmetic organizer, towels and dirty clothes need to go in a hamper. Don’t leave wet things laying around where they can mildew. Get floors, counters, and shelves straightened up.

Take on the toilet. The toilet, sink, and shower will all need to be cleaned, but it’s best to take on one thing at a time. Spray some foaming cleaner on the worst parts of your toilet, put the lid down, close the door (so pets and small children can’t get in), and wait five minutes. Then start scrubbing. Most toilet stains will come off quickly. After you’ve scrubbed, use a wet paper towel to wipe off the bottom of the toilet seat and the outside of your toilet bowl.

Clean your sink. With as much hand washing that happens in your sink, you would think it would be clean already. But sinks are easy places for things to get stuck. Scrub around the drain. Wipe out the sink itself. Clean around the nozzles and handles with a toothpick.

Scrub the shower. A shower or tub can be cleaned much the way a toilet is. Spray with cleaner, let sit for a few minutes and return to start scrubbing. The worst of the dirt, usually near the drain, will come off with minimal scrubbing.

Tidy up.Simply pull your shower curtain shut, make sure towels are folded neatly and that all bottles are where they belong. This will instantly make things feel neater.

Make it shine. In just five minutes time you can easily wipe down your mirrors and all your fixtures. Make all the fixtures in your bathroom shine for a super quick clean feeling.

Clean corners and around baseboards. Run a damp paper towel around all your baseboards, being sure to wipe out corners too. Pet hair, human hair, dust, and dirt easily accumulate into piles here and making sure your floors are clean will make your bathroom feel as clean as it can possibly be.X