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SKU: DIY-SPS000001
Category: Pool & Spa
  • Made of environmentally friendly PVC material, which is Phthalates & BPA free, a hassle-free toy to have direct skin contact, which allows babies, toddlers, kids better embrace nature in backyard, garden, beach & enjoy happy summer time.
  • Splash Ring for Durability - Withstand water pressure & prevent cracking when kids step, run, bounce
  • Wear-resistant fabric supports long time use without deforming
  • Easy operation by inserting water hose into splash pad & controlling faucet to adjust water pressure for different spray height demands, few minutes to get instant pool fun
  • After draining water, can be folded for easy storage without occupying space
  • Splash pad printed with vivid turtle, dolphin, crab, clownfish & other patters to make learning easy & fun, which helps kid learn more about marine animals & improve their imagination & cognitive development during cool play.
  • Pad Diameter(Expanded): 66 15/16" (170 cm)
  • Connector Outer Diameter: 1" & 5/8" (2.58 cm & 1.6 cm)
  • Connector Inner Diameter: 13/16" (2 cm)
  • Pad Inlet Inner Diameter: 1" (2.56 cm)
  • Pad Outer Ring Width: 4 3/4" (12 cm)
  • Water Pressure: 0.27 MPa
  • Net Weight: 1.76 lbs. (0.8 kg)
  • 1x Splash Pad
  • 1x Connector
  • 1x Connector Gasket
  • 1x Manual


  • Please make sure that splash pad won’t be placed in sunlight for a long time. You can consider a shade sail for your backyard.
  • Please keep the pad away from fire and other heat source.
  • It is recommended to put the pad on a grassland rather than concrete, or any other hard surface.

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