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SKU: DIY-SUC000002
Category: Soldering Stations

You're viewing a Brand new Solder Sucker Remover Desoldering Pump Tool. The small suction nozzle can remove the solder effectively, especially for those stubborn solders hidden on the PCB board, protecting the PCB board safe from damage.

  • 19.3 psi aluminum solder sucker, for effective solder removal in the welding operations, protecting the PCB board safe from damage
  • Powerful Suction - 19.3 psi high pressure vacuum for removing solder from a printed circuit board effectively; Press the sucker button on the handle to release string for strong suction
  • One-hand Operation - Small and portable, 7 5/16" in length, easy to operate and carry with one hand
  • Durability & Safety - Made of high-quality aluminum shell for long lifespan, anti-corrosion and grater heat dispersion; High-quality suction nozzle for high temperature resistance, above 392℉ (200℃); The skid-proof embossing grip improves safety
  • Color Optional: Green/ Black/ Golden
  • Overall Dimension(DxH): 3/4" x 7 5/16" (1.9 x 18.5 cm)
  • Maximum Suction: 19.3 psi (100 cm-Hg)
  • Material: Aluminum, PC, Plastics
  • Net Weight: 0.09 Lbs (0.04 kg)
  • 1x Solder Sucker

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