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Keeping Out the Cold

The recent flight of families from the suburbs and back into the heart of cities has meant that many people are living in older homes. Many people are shocked at how older homes let in much more cold air than better sealed newer homes. But no matter the age of your home, sealing off your windows can keep cold air out and keep your heating costs down throughout the winter months. Here are a few options to consider when you get ready to seal your windows.


  1. Window Insulating Film: This is one of the most common ways to insulate your windows. The film is generally found to be pretty affective and is easy to come by because you can get it in virtually any hardware store, online, or even in some department stores. This plastic film is similar to shrink wrap and you affix it to the edges of your window with double stick tape before setting it in place with a blow dryer. This method is incredibly cost affective and the only real downside is aesthetic because your window is covered with film that traps cold air between the plastic and glass.
  2. Cellular Shades: Cellular shades for your windows are another good option for insulation. These shades allow light to pass through but keep much of the cold air out. These can get pricy because they are often custom made to fit your windows. If you’re interested in this type of insulation, you can take window measurements into most large hardware stores and they can have custom shades ordered for you.
  3. Rubber Sealing: Rubber sealing fits around comes in one long piece that you can cut to fit your own windows. Remove the backing and then stick it the edges of windows to close any small gaps that are letting in the cold, winter air.
  4. Draft Snakes: Draft snakes are homemade solutions to the problem of cold air leaking in under doors or around windows. You can easily make one by filling a tube with rice, then covering it in fabric. Push it against the bottom of your door or lay it in a windowsill to keep out drafts.
  5. Layers of Curtains: The more fabric you have covering your windows, the more cold air you’ll keep between the curtain and the window, instead of inside your home. This works the same way a blanket does. Cover your windows with heavy, thick curtains, the more the better, to keep out cold air during the winter.
  6. Caulking: Caulking outside your windows might be the most affective route to keeping out cold. This keeps the air completely outside, because the seal is on the exterior, rather than the interior, of your window.
  7. Shutters: This can be a bit costly, but if you’re really in need of a way to keep the cold out, this can save you money in the long run. Any way that you can put a barrier between your window and the cold air will help keep your home warmer, so having shutters and keeping them closed, especially at night, will help keep your energy costs down and your house warm and cozy.



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