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Remodeling your bathroom

When undertaking this stressful and costly task, you absolutely must start with a budget.  With the right budget, you immediately are forced to take into account what types of materials you’ll have access to and those that might be a stretch.  A new bathroom can cost a fortune, and with all of the luxurious bathing and washing options out there, your budget will offer you a clear picture of what you can have, not what you want.  That being said, you can do a number of wonderful things to your bathroom on a tight budget that will impress your guests and keep your bank accounts secure. 

Just as you can refurbish your iPhone or an old kitchen cabinet, you can refurbish your toilets, tubs and sinks.  Not only will that save you heaps of money, but it will reduce your waste.  With a little love and a little molding, you can turn your old, disintegrating tub into a brand new looking, shiny and stylish one.  You can do the same for your all of your fixtures.  Consider the idea of updating your bathroom rather than remodeling it. 

Another great way to save money is to keep the same floor plan.  That means keeping everything in the same place.  If, in the course of your remodeling ambitions you decide that you’d like to put the sink over here and the bathtub over there, you’re going to start to really amass cost.  That’s because of the plumbing.  You don’t always think of the piping beneath your beautiful tile, but those are the heart and soul of your bathroom.  Once you start rearranging all of it, you’ll need to start hiring experts and you’ll need to buy more materials.  Keep everything in the same place, just update it all.  That will save you a fortune!

Many of us like to think that with the help of a youtube video or a DIY book, we’ll suddenly become experts on whatever we like.  To an extent, that’s true.  Any of us can learn to lay down tile, can learn to grout, and can even undertake some simple plumbing.  However, don’t’ get carried away with your ability to complete a remodel on your own.  Yes, you can save a lot of money when doing things yourself, and my readers know how much I encourage this, but when it comes to doing a remodel, you’d better make absolutely sure that you are going to get it right the first time or else you might be paying the pros to redo your hard work down the line. 

Lastly, you need to remember this one piece of sage advice:  Moisture is the great nemesis of your bathroom.  It is the fuel of molds and fungi, and those are the fuel for sickness, smells and just general discomfort.  During the entire process of the remodel, make sure that you keep everything as dry as possible.  Make sure that your pipes are tight and your feet are clean.  It couldn’t hurt to keep a fan or fans in your little construction site to minimize the moisture as well. 


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