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Setting the Mood with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a great way to turn any outdoor space into something special. There is such a wide variety available on the market today that you’re bound to find something that will work perfectly for you. Whether you’re looking to light the aisle of an outdoor wedding, provide some light in the front of your house for coming home at night, or to turn an outdoor patio into an event space, lighting is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact, create an area that feels special, and to show off your own decorating style. Check out these outdoor lighting options and all the things you can do with them.

• Paper Lanters: These gorgeous round lights have easily become the Cadillac of the outdoor lighting world. They’re stylish, classy and everyone wants them. Use them for weddings, proms, outdoor parties, or just on your back porch and they’ll quickly turn any space into something super elegant or fun and quirky. They’re super versatile!

• Glass Lanterns: Glass lanterns are a more permanent option than paper lanterns. If you prefer candles to electric light or want something that you can leave outside no matter the weather, glass lanterns are a great way to go. They provide ambience without kitsch.

• String lights: Lights on strings come in such a variety of options that it’s almost impossible to list them all. There are the standard Christmas lights and lots of people use the white variety to decorate year round. Then you’ll find Halloween lights in colors like purple and orange, which are easy ways to add some fun to an outdoor space, regardless of season. But the options don’t stop there. There are old-fashioned bulb lights and big, round balls. There are twinkling lights, chase lights, programmable lights.

And then there are the countless shapes. There are the standard pitchers of beer, flamingos, chili peppers, and guitars. There are skulls and crosses and bats and all sort of dark, Halloween (or just spooky) ones. There are stars and hearts and daisies. There are paper covered lights and mini lanterns. Butterflies, moons, roses, all variety of flowers, angels, reindeer, Christmas trees, no matter what you like, string lights offer you an easy way to put up outdoor lighting and express your personality.

• Tea Lights: Tea lights are another great option for transforming any outdoor space because, like string lights, they come in such a variety of shapes and sizes. From simple glass, clear bulbs that fit a candle to canning jars with wire hangers to Indian-inspired purple and copper glass, you can find tea lights for a bohemian home, a country home, or a small, simple balcony in your city apartment.

Outdoor lighting really is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to transform your outside space. Lighting can really do wonders for setting the mood and creating ambience. Set a serious or somber mood with simple, white lights or sparse tea lights with small candles. Provide bright lighting for a party without ruining the atmosphere with light colored paper lanterns. Create a kitschy space that tells your guests all about you---whether you’re a fan of beer, spicy food or spooky, Halloween décor, with fun string lights.

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