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Pretty in Pastels

Bubblegum pink, light lavender, sky blue, and daffodil yellow are probably colors that you associate more with a nursery for your new baby rather than the chic décor that fills the rest of your home. But today pastel colors are making a comeback. While the past decade or so has seen the outside of homes in the trendiest neighborhoods painted in these light colors, today they’re starting to be seen on the inside as well. You might have a hard time swallowing the idea of doing a whole room in these colors, but they’re a great way to add interest and accent your current furniture and decorations. Here’s a look at a few ways you can incorporate pops of pastels into your home:

  1. Update your cushions. Changing out cushions on chairs, throw pillows on your couch, or even your pillow cases in the bedroom can quickly and easily update any room. Buy a set of pastel pillow cases from a thrift store or pick up some spring clearance cushions for outdoor furniture in a pastel shade at almost any discount store at the end of the season. These small touches will add interest to any room or outdoor space.


  1. Pair with naturals like wood or bamboo. Combining pastels with neutral, natural materials and even greenery will create an outdoor element inside your home. These cool colors will pair well with the neutrals to create a very relaxed environment and bring a hint of the outdoors inside. The soft, floral colors are perfect for curtains, rugs, or even wall hangings.


  1. Use pastels to soften neons. If you have large amounts of neon or deep colors throughout your home, you can use pastels to offset these shades. Pick a softer tons of the same color. Use bubblegum pink with hot pink or violet with a deep purple to give the eye a break from such harsh tones. Softening up the intense colors will make them more effective because they’ll be easier to look at and more pleasing to the eye when offset with something softer instead of just walking into a room of nothing but one bright, harsh shade.
  1. Give some kick to a white room. If you like the clean feel of white walls and minimal décor, pastels can be a great way to add a little interest to your home. Pastels are soft, like white, and easy on the eye. They’re easy to incorporate with white décor because they aren’t harsh to look at and naturally pair with white, giving some interest for the eye without popping too much. A pastel throw pillow, a lavender candle, or a soft blue water painting can deepen the tranquil feeling of a white room.


  1. Paint one wall a pastel color. Whether your walls are all white, grey, or even a bright shade, painting one wall a pastel color can help give rooms some added dimension. It tricks the eye into thinking the room is larger than it actually is and becomes a natural focal point. It can also be a great backdrop for displaying your most prized furniture and décor. 

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