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Making Your Home a Happy One

We all know it takes more than a hammer and nails to make a house a home. Your home is your sanctuary, your place of refuge in between countless meetings, working lunches, appointments, little league games, and everything else you’ve got starred, underlined, and circled in your planner. When you walk into your home, you should feel relaxed. There are a few simple things you can do every day to make sure your home is a place to rest, unwind, and relax.

  • Show off your memories. Photos, concert tickets, and other memorabilia make great display items. Frame ticket stubs along with posters or hang a picture of your city’s skyline alongside your favorite pictures of you and your friends in your favorite spots. Remember what it is that you love and surround yourself with memories of you enjoying those things.
  • Keep your dishes clean and put away. With everything else you have to do every day, it’s easy to let dishes pile up in the sink. Keep dishes clean and off the counter for an automatic clean, stress free zone in the kitchen.

  • Vacuum. Nothing else gives your house such a quick, fresh feeling. Vacuum at least once a week to keep rugs and carpet free of pet hair, dirt, and dander. The bonus to this is that it’ll also help you if you deal with allergies.
  • Create a living space outside. Whether you have a tiny porch, a huge backyard, or a concrete stoop, creating a space where you can hang out outside will calm and inspire you. Just being able to go outside when you’re stressed out or feeling down can greatly improve your mood and having a nice space to enjoy will only amplify that effect.
  • Make your bed. You’ll be surprised how much better you can feel just by making your bed. Coming home to a room that’s neat and a bed that’s been made will boost your mood at the end of the day and leaving behind a space that’s tidy will uplift you at the beginning of your day.

  • Keep a positive journal. Keep a journal where you write only positive things. Instead of unloading about how terrible your day was before bed every night, think back to the good things about your day and make it a point to only mention those. Did you have a terrible cafeteria lunch but a great lunch conversation with a new coworker? Only mention the great conversation. When you read back over it a few months later, you’ll be surprised at how good things sound and really are. The problem isn’t that things are all bad but that we have a tendency to focus on the negative.
  • Entertain in your home. Instead of always going out, invite your friends to your place. Have a barbecue, a movie night, or a record exchange. Any excuse to have your friends over will create great memories in your home and our homes are always better places to be if they’re filled with great memories.

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